We can all be a part of building a better, more prosperous and more livable Northwest Arkansas by bringing home meeting and convention revenue to our towns.  When you Bring It Home, you’re helping keep our economy strong, our infrastructure solid and our communities thriving.

One conference, even a small one, can provide a big boost to the economy.  When people visit, they eat, sleep and shop all over Northwest Arkansas.  In addition to the immediate ripple this creates in our economy it also generates tax revenue that helps sustain Northwest Arkansas as one of the most desirable places to live in America.

So when you successfully refer an organization or convention to Northwest Arkansas, you’re helping pave roads, maintain parks, hire police and much more. Are you ready to Bring It Home?

The Facts on Bring it Home:

  • Tourism in Benton County generated over $364 million in direct spending, supporting 3,535 jobs and creating $8.6 million in local tax revenue in 2015.
  • A large convention alone can generate over $500,000 in economic impact to the region.
  • Revenue generated from visitors supports over 11,000 full-time jobs in Northwest Arkansas.
  • Our region features state-of-the-art convention facilities capable of supporting groups from a dozen to 2,000 plus in size.

The Impact of Bring it Home.

Here are some projections on how tourism business can improve where we live and work in Northwest Arkansas. A large convention, with at least 500 attendees, generates enough tax revenue to fund any one of the following improvements*:

  • Pave approximately 6 blocks of a city street.
  • Fill and repair 400 potholes.
  • Pay the salary and benefits of a full-time police officer.
  • Add 50 park benches and picnic tables to local parks.
  • Plant 800 trees throughout our cities.

*Numbers are estimates and are based on data provided by Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism and the City of Rogers, Arkansas.

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